Oil Painting: GALLERY: More of Ephraim Rubenstein's Still-Life Portraits

13 May 2007


View more of Ephraim Rubenstein's paintings depicting books in this online exclusive gallery.




Library I
1997, oil, 32 x 21. Private collection.
Books: Pile IV
oil, 8 x 9. Prviate collection.
Books: Pile IV
oil, 8 x 22. Collection the artist.



Books: Pile XVIII
oil, 11 x 4. Collection the artist.
Still Life With Books, Mirrors, and Lenses II
2003, oil, 30 x 60. Collection the artist.

We also present the follow images to offer a taste of Rubenstein's technique, which is explored in the feature "Still-Life Portraits: The Book-Filled Art of Ephraim Rubenstein."






Read an online exclusive discussion of  books’ consumable nature that had to be cut from the print version of the article for space considerations; we present it here along with additional comments from Rubenstein.

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Valentino Radman wrote
on 29 May 2007 4:23 PM
Hi, I receive your newsletters and in one of those there was Ephraim Rubenstein's online gallery. I enjoyed his work. However I just wanted to notice that the last painting in the gallery is actually a copy of Arcimboldo famous piece ("Librarian"). It wasn't stated anywhere. I haven't read the printed article, though, perhaps it was mentioned somewhere. Regards, Valentino Radman Croatia, Europe