Oil Painting: Sean Cheetham: Common Weaknesses in Figure Paintings

29 Oct 2006

In the fall 2006 issue of Workshop magazine, California artist Sean Cheetham explained how to achieve accuracy and harmony in his alla prima figure paintings. Here, the artist discusses common weaknesses in figure paintings in an excerpt from the article.

by M. Stephen Doherty

  1. Artists are so anxious to paint that they begin before their drawing is completely accurate.

  2. The darkest darks are not dark enough, so the painter ends up having to darken all the values toward the end of the process.

  3. The transitions between values—especially between the darks and the midtones—are too abrupt.

  4. The painting palette becomes disorganized and the artist ends up guessing at the appropriate mixtures for each stage of the painting process.

  5. Artists lose momentum by not painting on a regular basis, and it becomes harder to remember what they learned the last time they painted.

Read the feature article on this artist.

To read more features like this, check out the fall 2006 issue of Workshop magazine.

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Carrie Grimes wrote
on 21 Apr 2007 4:04 PM
I am interested in an instructional manual to portrait painting by Sean Cheetham. I know it exists; where can I find it?