Simple, Solid Shapes of Color

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Hello from Incamminati in the fine city of Philadelphia! A few days ago marked the fourth day of the Intensive Workshop being led by oil painter Lea Colie Wight, one of the senior Incamminati instructors, and a rising star in the realist art world, if I might add to completely embarrass her. Sorry, Lea, I'm writing this blog!!

Lea Colie Wight, oil painter and top instructor, led the workshop.
Lea Colie Wight, oil painter and top instructor, led the workshop.

The first day of the oil painting workshop was committed to one-minute gestures with a mixture of burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, and titanium white paint. This was followed by longer studies with the same mixture of paint, which we train our students to work with in monochromatic studies. During the next session, the students were asked to close the "open" grisaille painting with a mid-tone value for the light mass of the figure. The students are a fun, enthusiastic and hard-working group here to learn. They ask a ton of questions, listen intently to everything told to them, and have open minds that enable them to apply what we have been teaching them.

All of our instructors were being utilized in the workshop, which I think makes the the experience pretty unique. We were all trained more or less the same; the more seasoned instructors guided by Nelson in the earlier days of our school plus a couple of a couple instructors that we have passed on our experience to.

The oil painting students we had were engaged and incredibly focused
The oil painting students we had were
engaged and incredibly focused.

Since today was leading into the end of the week, we had the students work in color with the full painting palette that we use here at Incamminati. This is always met with enthusiasm and excitement, and the afternoon flew by. I did a short color study demo at three o'clock that took us to the end of the day. "Simple, solid, shapes of color in the lights and the shadows" was a phrase that the students heard more than once.

The Advanced Workshop is starting in a few weeks, and we still have room for a few more people. If you are interested in attending this workshop contact the office at 215-592-7910. It runs August 13-24. It would be lovely to see you there!


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