Serious Serendipity & More

So excited about the April issue of The Artist's Magazine!

We first saw the painting now on the cover of our April issue, Aine, Death Valley (oil painting, 20 x 30) when we were judging entries in The Artist's Magazine's 2011 Annual Art Competition. We loved Katie's work, even though she didn't (that year) win a prize (next year she did!). Our very own Christine McHugh (managing editor for The Artist's Magazine) had a lively chat with Katie and the result is "Serious Serendipity."

While Katie is as impulsive as she is talented, Argentine artist Alejandro Rosemberg is grounded in the classical tradition. Read about his measured approach in the April issue as well ("Classical Style in a Contemporary Context"). Finally, Cherie Haas and I took a trip to a local framer's studio to get the scoop on the newest and most archival ways to frame works on paper for "In The Frame." All this and more in the April issue, on sale now. Don't miss it.


Editor, The Artist Magazine


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