Painting Demo: Step by Step: Alan Flattmann's "The Abita River"

Alan Flattmann presents a quick a step by step demonstration of his painting The Abita River.




Step 1
Flattmann toned the canvas with a thin wash of burnt-umber acrylic paint. The artist drew the landscape with vine charcoal, sprayed the drawing with Krylon Crystal Clear acrylic fixative, and let it dry.
Step 2
Next, he blocked in the major values and shapes of the landscape in oil, starting with the lights and working toward the middle tones and darks. He applied the paint thinly and then gently blended it with soft paper towels.
Step 3
He then added details and refined shapes with dark lines and values painted with small brushes.


The Completed Demonstration:


Step 4
To finish the piece, Flatmann developed the forms with thicker paint and bold brushstrokes.

The Abita River
2007, oil, 20 x 16. Private collection.

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4 thoughts on “Painting Demo: Step by Step: Alan Flattmann's "The Abita River"

  1. I love the finished product,but also am intrigued with the underpainting which seems to get totally lost in the final creation. The underpainting seems to be the start of an autumn scene then turns into a summer scene totally missing all the warmth underneath.

  2. I agree with the above comment. Step 2 & Step 3 in the demo look just beautiful and to me could have been finished paintings. I wish 3 had been shown from the front. The finished painting is “ordinary”. The under paintings are something special.

  3. Renaissance painters would underlay gilded portions of their paintings with red paint. Is Flattmann possibly using this technique to enrich his spring greens?