Oil Painting: Warren Chang's Four-Stage Progression: "Approaching Storm: Broccoli Harvest"


Take a closer look at Warren Chang's technique in this demonstration from the April 2007 issue of American Artist.

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The Thumbnail Sketch
Using reference photos taken in the field, Chang did a 4"-x-6" pen-and-ink thumbnail sketch on paper to establish the composition and content of the scene.

The Color Sketch

The artist spent a couple of days completing this 12"-x-16" oil sketch on canvas, which gave him all the necessary information he would need to transfer the image to a larger scale.
The Underpainting
In this underpainting done in raw umber, Chang solved his drawing and compositional issues while also establishing the tonal values and mood.
Approaching Storm: Broccoli Harvest
2006, oil, 30 x 40. Collection the artist.

Building off the thumbnail sketch, color sketch, and the underpainting he already established, Chang used a limited palette—with the exception of some blue and green—-to complete this painting. “The blue of the sky was achieved using black and white,” Chang reveals, “and I arrived at the greens using mixtures of yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, and black.”

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One thought on “Oil Painting: Warren Chang's Four-Stage Progression: "Approaching Storm: Broccoli Harvest"

  1. Seeing the four stage progression of this beautiful painting is extremely informative and inspiring. With the four stages presented side by side, the viewer can compare the differences again and again as he looks at more details.