Oil Painting: Steve Armes' Landscapes


In the February 2008 issue of American Artist, Steve Armes discussed how his goal for landscape painting was to paint stirring images that engage and inspire viewers. In this online exclusive gallery, we present more of his oil landscapes.




Above Lake Como
2005, oil, 36 x 44.
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gallery collection
the artist.
Bardi Castle
2003, oil, 26 x 32.
Grapevine Marsh
2003, oil, 20 x 24.




Hill Country Spring
2005, oil, 18 x 24.
Sketch for
Shimmering Water,
Lake Grapevine

2004, oil, 8 x 10.
Shimmering Water,
Lake Grapevine

2004, oil, 30 x 36.




Lac Lehman,
French Side

2006, oil, 20 x 30.
Near Sienna
2004, oil, 32 x 48.
Paradise Valley
2004, oil, 36 x 42.




Sketch for

2002, oil, 15½ x 10.
2003, oil, 46 x 30.
Plains of Lazio
2005, oil, 24 x 30.



View From Monterosso
2003, oil, 24 x 36.
White Rock Lake
2006, oil, 16 x 20.


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2 thoughts on “Oil Painting: Steve Armes' Landscapes

  1. the picture Vernasca was great… i draw sometimes (but not near as good as you)(steve armes. of course im only 10 (if you want to see one or two of the pics i drew, watch the news i am going to send one or two to sketch the sky)(i might). But for Vernasca did you draw the one that is not the sketch?two more questions,how much money does an artist make? and how do become an artist? oh one more question do you want to be famous (if you are not)?

  2. I will try to answer your questions. First, some artists make very little money, others can make a great deal. Most of us do it because we love art. I suppose you can become an artist by working hard to do the best art that you can.
    The Vernasca painting was done in my studio based on a 10″ x 15″ color study I did on location in Italy. I also used some photos. For the sketch, I drew it out carefully, even using a ruler for angles and straight lines. Then I painted it. It began to rain halfway through, so I had to finish my sketch from memory.
    I believe I am like most artists–I don’t care about fame. I want to paint the best pictures I can. Whatever happens as a result is in God’s hands.