Oil Painting: Step by Step: Johnnie Liliedahl's "Lady in White"

0708liliedemo4_476x600 In the fall 2007 issue of Watercolor, Johnnie Liliedahl discussed Old Master approaches that help her students understand the basics of oil painting. Here, we present a demonstration for her painting Lady in White.

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A photograph of a model who posed for this portrait painting demonstration.
Step 1:
Liliedahl’s drawing of the model on a toned canvas.
Step 2:
The grisaille underpainting of the model.
The Completed Demonstration:
Lady in White
2005, oil, 30 x 24. Collection the artist.

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6 thoughts on “Oil Painting: Step by Step: Johnnie Liliedahl's "Lady in White"

  1. I agree with J Beerbaum in that a photo, 2 steps, and a finished painting doesn’t help me much on my quest to do more portraiture. Also, I find the painting much improved if I hold my finger over the bright yellow flower on the left of the sofa, allowing my eye to stay on the beautiful subject.

  2. Liliedahl is a master on the portrait painting!
    Pity that we don’t have more info about the sequence!!
    But its a terrific portrait!
    Whistler will like that white sinphony!

  3. It’ll be great to see the stages on video, just like you did with “Portrait of Victoria.” Excellent tutorial, available on YouTube. Give us more like that! THX