Oil Painting: Randall C. Sexton's Painting Tips

In the fall 2006 issue of Workshop magazine, Randall C. Sexton taught participants how to create oil paintings in response to subjects that they were anxious to paint. We present an excerpt from the article.

by M. Stephen Doherty

  1. Keep your palette organized with the paints laid out the same way each time you work.
  2. Premix piles of paint that represent the big puzzle pieces of your composition, starting with the colors you know, working toward the ones you don’t.
  3. Look for changes in color at the edges of shapes.
  4. Close one eye to see shapes flatly.
  5. Relate colors on your palette first, then try test spots on your canvas.
  6. Work on very small panels on location to experiment with color.
  7. Make color charts that relate the various colors on your palette.
  8. Stick to a limited palette.
  9. Keep one hand on the wheel, glance at the mirror, and coast.
  10. To judge both value and color, step back from your painting to make final judgments.

To read the feature article on this artist, check out the fall 2006 issue of Workshop.

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