Oil Painting: Randall C. Sexton: Questions to Ask Yourself

0609sextdemo6a_508x379_1Randall C. Sexton teaches participants how to create oil paintings in response to subjects that they were anxious to paint. Here is his 11-step checklist for getting it right!

by M. Stephen Doherty


  1. Is the focus of my painting clear? If not, how can it be reinforced?
  2. Does anything need additional work?
  3. Is there a general sense of harmony in the painting?
  4. That is, do the technique and color work together as part of the ‘same world’?
  5. What finishing touches could I add to give the painting more zing?
  6. Is there a convincing sense of depth?
  7. Does the initial abstract value pattern still read clearly?
  8. Is there enough detail … or too much detail?
  9. Does the painting convey the mood that I intended to express?
  10. Does this painting really represent me?
  11. As successful as the painting might be, would the next one be even better?


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