Oil Painting: Nancy Switzer's Emphasis on Surface and Color

In the May 2008 issue of American Artist, we discussed how Nancy Switzer pushes the possibilities of surface and color to create rich and spectacular paintings. Here, we offer more of her oil paintings in this online exclusive gallery.

Switzer Blue Scad Melt oil

Switzer Down Up oil

Switzer Can Wall v5 High Key Blue oil

Blue Scad Melt
2007, oil, 10 x 10. All artwork this gallery courtesy Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, New York.
Down Up
2007, oil, 36 x 36.
Can Wall v5 High Key Blue
2007, oil, 60 x 60.

Switzer Bagged Blue oil

Switzer Red Deliverance oil

Switzer Tilt Smelt oil

Bagged Blue
2007, oil, 15 x 30.
Red Deliverance
2007, oil, 30 x 60.
Tilt Smelt
2007, oil, 12 x 48.

Switzer Unstacked oil

2007, oil, 12 x 48.

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