Adept in Every Genre

Discovering David Ligare's work was a great gift. Adept in every genre, he is master of composition, light, and color. With a classical sensibility and an ardent love of antique Greek and Roman culture, he is simply brilliant, and his work is beyond gorgeous. (One of his landscapes is on the cover.)

May 2013 issue of The Artist's Magazine.

This May issue of The Artist's Magazine celebrates the range of media that contemporary artists are lucky enough to work with: in addition to oil painting (Ligare); we have colored pencil (Joseph Crone, John P. Smolko, Arlene Steinberg, and Shawn Falchetti experiment with different surfaces in order to attain odd and enthralling effects.); acrylic painting (Mark Mehaffey tests JKHolbein's new line of paints and Charles Gibbons infuses abstraction with an Eastern mysticism); finally, Stephen Quiller relates the history of an ancient medium, casein, and shows how it can make a splash in the present and future. We're very proud of the issue and we think you'll love it, too.


Editor, The Artist's Magazine

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