Still Life Painting Higlights

25 Skilled ArtistsTeach Their Best Techniques; Step-by-Step Lessons & Lists of Materials; How to Paint Floral Still Lifes With Skill & Understanding


On the Cover:
Persian Bittersweet (detail)
by Claudia Seymour, 2003, oil on linen,
20 x 16. Collection the artist.

Artists Featured:
Assael, Steven
Bergt, Michael
Bermingham, Debra
Deichler, Deborah
Evans, Rob
Fraser, Scott
Frisella, Robin
Gordon, Patrick
Grasso, Carlos
Gyurcsak, Joe
Hess, F. Scott
Jackson, Phillip R
Jackson, Robert C.
Lattimore, Andrew
Legg, Jeffrey
Lyon, Susan
Monafo, Janet
Moran, Heidi
Royston, Scott
Seymour, Claudia
Sienna, Pamela
Sprick, Daniel
Steinworth, Skip
Switzer, Nancy
Uffelman, Jeff
Washor, Joyce
Wilson, Will


15 Artists, 5 Objects, 30 Paintings That Demonstrate Ways to Establish Your Own Style    
by M. Stephen Doherty

Painting Classical Floral Still Lifes With Skill and Understanding 

by Scott Royston   

Creating Movement in a Still Life 

by Linda S. Price

Best Professional Practices for Dynamic Still Lifes   
by Bob Bahr   

Summarizing What You See and What Matters Most to Your Painting    
by M. Stephen Doherty   

How to Enjoy the Process Now and The Product Later  
by M. Stephen Doherty    

Still Lifes on a Small Scale   
by Tina Tammaro   

Choice Morsels   
by John A. Parks   

Using Materials, Techniques, Inspiration, and Intuition to Paint Well   

by M. Stephen Doherty   

Arranging Unexpected Combinations of Objects  
by James A. Metcalfe   

Painting Large-Scale Floral Arrangements From Photographs   
by M. Stephen Doherty

Still Lifes That Connect Memories   
by M. Stephen Doherty

Painting Still Lifes Alla Prima   
by M. Stephen Doherty   



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