Highlights: Painting Instruction From Master Teachers

Get instant improvement on your portraits, landscapes, and still life’s from master teachers.


On the Cover:
John Phillip Osborne painting at the
Ridgewood Art Institute in Ridgewood,
New Jersey. Photo: Murray Smith.

Featured Teachers:
Joni Falk
William Hook
Ted Seth Jacobs
John Morra
John Phillip Osborne
Nelson Shanks
Matt Smith
James Sulkowski
Carol Swinney
Sam Vokey
Dawn Whitelaw


Six Ways to Get Dynamic Action in Floral Painting, With James Sulkowski    
by James Sulkowski

Improve Rapidly by Making Many Starts, With Nelson Shanks  

by M. Stephen Doherty    

Getting Accurate Light in Your Landscapes, With Matt Smith  
by M. Stephen Doherty

Paint Vibrant Portraits With a Three-Color Oil Palette, With Dawn Whitelaw    
by M. Stephen Doherty    

Get Pure Colors From a Palette Knife, With Carol Swinney     
by Linda Morton    

Mastering Edges, Light, and Color Harmony in Still Lifes, With Joni Falk   
by M. Stephen Doherty    

Make Acrylic Landscapes Comeā€ˆAlive From Photographs, With William Hook    
by Bob Bahr    

First, Master the Figure, With Ted Seth Jacobs    
by A’Dora Phillips    

Harnessing Tradition and Design, With Sam Vokey   

by Linda S. Price    

Today’s Still Life, With John Morra   
by John A. Parks    

Make Accurate Color Choices Using a Prismatic Palette, With John Phillip Osborne    
by Mark G. Mitchell     



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