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4 Sep 2009

In the September 2009 issue of American Artist we featured work by New Hampshire artist Robin Frisella, who uses pastels to create paintings of cherished objects, establishing emotional links between the paintings and collectors. Here, we present additional work by the artist.


Quiet Moment
2008, pastel, 14 x 20. Private collection.
Timeless Beauty
2007, pastel, 12 x 18. Private collection.


Jar of Apples
2009, pastel, 18 x 12.
Courtesy East Colony Fine Art,
Manchester, New Hampshire.
Pewter and Apples
2007, pastel, 14 x 10.
Private collection.


Mac Drops
2008, pastel, 6 x 12. Private collection.

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on 19 Sep 2009 12:21 PM

Robin Frisella is a really good pastel artist, but these look no different than the other 10,000 still lifes that have been done over the past 100 years. Sure there good, but hasn't apples and lemons been done enough. Apples on the left, pitcher on the right... centered in the middle...  oh, and peeled fruit and sunflowers have been over done too... come on, wheres the creativity, imagination or style? I see none.  and believe me it's not just Robin doing this! Come on people!!!!