Penny Soto Gallery

13 Mar 2009

In the April 2009 issue of American Artist, we featured watermedia artist Penny Soto, who worries less about the established "rules" of painting, and more about what will best help her create her artwork. Here, we present some paintings by the artist that we were unable to fit into the magazine.


2003, airbrush ink and acrylic on
illustration board, 20 x 30. Collection
Paul Soto.
Buick Special
2003, colored pencil and airbrush ink on
illustration board, 40 x 30. Collection Jim


Purple Ness
2004, watercolor and airbrush ink on
illustration board, 30 x 40. Collection
Jeff Smith.
Tea for Two
2004, pastel and airbrushed acrylic
ink on Sand paper, 20 x 30. Collection
Mr. and Mrs. Bonney.


Cat and Mouse
2000, pastel and airbrush ink on
paper, 30 x 20. Collection Renee
Soto Johnson.
The 49ers
2002, airbrush ink, colored pencil,
and watercolor on illustration board,
26 x 20. Collection Paul Richard Soto.

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Jan Schafir wrote
on 19 Mar 2009 9:05 PM

Penny wonderful article and beautiful paintings.  Jan