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  • Summer 2011

    In this issue, Kenneth J. Procter discusses his work in the medium of powdered charcoal and looks at his own evolution as an artist. The issue also features a special section on portraiture, a subject with great expressive potential despite the restrictions portrait artists sometimes must work under.

    The mere mention of portraiture evokes strong responses from artists of all backgrounds. For many, it brings to mind the work of the masters—portraits by Rembrandt, Velázquez, and John Singer Sargent, which rank among the finest paintings ever created. Other artists think about the challenges of working with sitters who are anxious to see how their completed commission will look. It also reminds us of the years of practice and dedication required to master the art of capturing a person’s likeness—one of the most ambitious goals an artist can achieve.

  • Drawing, Summer 2010

    On the Cover: Wet Hair (detail, reversed) by Jonathan J. Ahn, 2009, charcoal, 24 x 18. Collection the artist. FEATURES Choosing the Right Drawing Paper by Karen Meyer-Berthel The many differences between drawing papers can be so subtle that it is not...
  • Drawing, Fall 2009

    Check out what's featured in the Fall 2009 issue of Drawing magazine.