Sneak Peek: Fall Drawing

We just sent the new issue of Drawing off to be printed, and I want to share a couple highlights that you can expect to see when the issue hits the newsstands next month.

The cover of Drawing magazine, fall issue.

Stephen Cefalo, whose marvelous sketch "Justin" is featured on our cover, explains 6 different ways that he uses sketches to plan a painting. I expect most of you already do many of these types of sketches, but I think a few will surprise you. Read Stephen's list to see what more you can do to build a solid foundation as you start work on a piece.

Two articles take on the challenges of figure drawing. We look at how to instill a sense of motion and energy into a figure drawing so that it looks like the person is really alive on the page. That's a tall order, but our tips will resonate with artists at every level. We also look at how you can measure and use proportion to reliably draw a likeness of a person's head.

Of course, we feature the work of fantastic artists as well. This time around, you'll see artwork by Kiki Smith, Charles Kanwischer, Phyllis Trout, and others. See what they have to offer in the fall issue of Drawing, coming soon!

And in case you missed it, here's our summer issue, which featured 8 mind-blowing artists doing completely unique things with drawing.

–Austin, Editor of Drawing magazine




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