Seeing and Drawing…in Italy

Photo taken during Margaret Krug's drawing workshop in Italy. Photo taken during Margaret Krug's drawing workshop in Italy. Photo taken during Margaret Krug's drawing workshop in Italy.

I really think artistic breakthroughs happen most often when you are outside of your usual mode of working, and that includes where and how you work. Think about the times when inspiration has struck you. For me, these moments are often when I am outside of my element entirely, open to new ideas in general, which can lead to new ways of thinking about sketching, drawing, or painting.

This May, artist, instructor, and author of An Artist's Handbook Margaret Krug is holding a workshop at the Castello di Spannocchia in Italy. It is a chance to immerse yourself in the lifeblood of artistic pursuit-drawing. A big claim, right? And yet, with what other pursuit do you observe and see so deeply?

Attendees will learn to draw what they see in the natural and built environment with the skills and devices that are the foundation of sustainable art practice. You will discuss the roots of drawing and its changing and enduring function while viewing historical examples during day trips throughout the region.

From there you can broaden your own definition of what a drawing can be, and how to use it as a catalyst in your own work. In response to the observation of the visual material presented, you will also work with a variety of early techniques and materials as well as experimental materials and processes.

At the end of the workshop, you'll have the building blocks for your own artistic breakthrough. And you'll no doubt assess the whole experience as one that blended art historical past and present for you, as well as igniting a creative spark that your continuing art pursuit will keep aflame.

For more information and an application for the workshop, contact Margaret Krug at


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