It's a First for Us–See What's Coming in the Newest Issue of Drawing Magazine!

A page from Sabin Howard's drawing sketchbook. Sculpture by Sabin Howard A page from Sabin Howard's drawing sketchbook.
Pages from Sabin Howard's drawing sketchbook
and a finished sculpture.

We just put a wrap on the winter issue of Drawing—you'll be seeing it in your mailboxes and on newsstands in February, and can order it in the Artist Daily Store as well.

The cover of the new issue is something of a change of pace for us. Most of our past covers have featured arresting figure drawings created by some wonderful artists—Whitfield Lovell, Julio Reyes, Tony Ryder, and Susan Lyon are just a few of our cover artists from recent years. But as our readers know, Drawing isn't only about the finished product. We're also about the process.

Drawing magazine, Winter 2012 cover.

That's why I love this cover, which features an anatomical sketch by sculptor Sabin Howard. We all know these drawing exercises—the skeletons, the gestural figures, the proportional charts. They're all important parts of learning to draw, but sometimes we can forget that they can be beautiful, too. I think this sketch is a work of art in its own right, and on our cover, it communicates what our magazine is all about.

Thanks, then, go to two people for making the cover happen. The first is our art director, Amy Petriello, who conceived and designed the cover. (And did you notice the swank new American Artist logo on the cover? Also Amy's work.) And thanks of course also go to Sabin Howard. I won't say more about his artwork here, because he speaks very eloquently for himself in his article, sharing some wise words on how to build the foundation of a strong, unique practice. It's sure to inspire.

And, really, that's just the beginning. More to come, including some sneak peeks at the articles. Until then, happy sketching!


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3 thoughts on “It's a First for Us–See What's Coming in the Newest Issue of Drawing Magazine!

  1. Greetings Austin, Taking a break from my painting and enjoying the Steven Assael article. Recalling the “Bottle Man” (by Assael) now in the permanent collection of the Arnot Museum in Elmira. Perhaps my favorite. Just wonderful, my fascination and admiration continue to grow for his work. I am a retired HS art teacher, painting/drawing and photography. When I read the passage stating the galloping horse’s ” feet ” never leave the ground at the same time, I said…hold those reins a second. The point of those photos WAS to prove the point that the horses hooves do leave the ground,(and win a bet) at the same time. We did a lot of experimentation in my photography class using strobes and action photography, always fun for the students! I had the pleasure of meeting up with Steven Doherty this past Fall in the Adirondacks, and hope to join the group again this year. Watercolors of mine were part of the Watercolor Issue, a few years back-1990. Where does the time go! I make ardent use of the issues for my students today as well, having come back from retirement. Thanks for the great issues, cordially Judson Brown

    I wasn’t sure how to provide feedback for the Drawing Magazine, but I really appreciate articles on Anatomy. It’s such a vital key for artists to understand how the human body works to better express it, whether in realism or abstraction.
    Keep ’em coming, it really is appreciated!!