Drawing Basics: The Drawing Day Project Wants People to "Drop Everything and Draw"


We're pretty passionate about drawing at the magazine, so it's nice to come across other people who are as dedicated to draftsmanship and expressive drawing as we are. The folks at the Drawing Day project certainly fall into this category.

For the second year, Mick Gow and his staff are urging everyone to execute a drawing on a given day and post it online somewhere. We think that's a fine idea. Here are a couple of ways you can participate:

  • Photograph or scan a drawing you made on June 6 and post it to this thread on our site.
  • Post a drawing you made on June 6 to your personal gallery on this site and label it Drawing Day.

"One day a year, the world stops to remember that joy we had when we first picked up a pencil and created our first piece of art—that's what Drawing Day is all about," reads the homepage of the project. "The goal for Drawing Day is simple—to create enough drawings to make some noise worldwide for the sake of art."

That practically brings a tear to my eye. I know I'll be posting to the Drawing Day thread here on Saturday. Please join me and download a free eBook on pencil sketching and drawing to get you ready!

A funny example of the after-effects of Drawing Day are illustrated here, in which a participating artist perhaps used the last bit of her drawing energy to depict the depleted pencils she used that day.



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