Drawing Basics: Janvier Rollande's Portraits of Self-Expression

In the spring 2008 issue of Drawing magazine, we discussed how Maine artist Janvier Rollande found that a bit of herself always came through in her pencil drawings of others. We offer more of her graphite portraits in this online exclusive gallery.

Rollande Tapestry pencil drawing

Rollande Eric pencil drawing

Rollande Sara and Lizzie, NYC pencil drawing

1999, pencil drawing, 19¼ x 19¼.
Private collection.
1997, pencil drawing, 18 x 16.
Private collection.
Sara and Lizzie, NYC
2000, pencil drawing, 21½ x 15.
Private collection.

Rollande Elise at Three pencil drawing

Rollande Erin pencil drawing

Rollande Portrait of a Small Boy pencil drawing

Elise at Three
1998, pencil drawing, 28 x 20.
Private collection.
2004, pencil drawing, 20¾ x 17. Collection the artist.
Portrait of a Small Boy
1996, pencil drawing, 30 x 22.
Private collection.

Rollande Martha, Shaker Heights pencil drawing

Martha, Shaker Heights
2000, pencil drawing, 20 x 15¾.
Private collection.

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7 thoughts on “Drawing Basics: Janvier Rollande's Portraits of Self-Expression

  1. you are now on of my favorite portrait artists. i am currently working on improving my own portraiture, and you just blew me away with a whole new way of looking at potraiture, and inspiration. where did you go to school if you did i would like to know where you have studied. my email is chicomarx87@yahoo.com… again your work is amazing.

  2. Janvier Rolande’s portraits are simply gorgeous! Does she have a website? I can’t find one. It would be so wonderful for her to show the materials and some of the techniques she uses, as well. Thanks for any info.