Drawing Basics: Electric Color Flies off the Pages of Fred Hatt's Drawings

Fredd Hatt drawing of male nude
Fred Hatt's drawing of a male nude in colored crayon.

One of our star writers, John A. Parks, recently turned in an article on Fred Hatt, an NYC artist who draws with waxy, water-soluble crayons from Caran d'Ache….but also with colored light and various other media, always with an amazingly vibrant line that quivers with life. The best way to describe his figure drawings is to simply present links to a few of his pieces. You'll get it right away this way.

The article discusses Hatt's figure drawings, but his monumental heads are just as interesting. Note how he follows the underlying shapes in some areas, follows the surface forms in others, and suggests a topographical map in other cases.

You should know that most of these drawings are at least five feet tall.

The article on Hatt's artwork will appear in the Spring 2009 issue of Drawing magazine.


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