Drawing Basics: Drawing Day Results

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I sure enjoyed Drawing Day 2009! I went to Central Park with a friend, loaded down with drawing pencils, drawing sketchbooks, painting supplies, and Gatorade. Several scenes screamed out to be captured in a quick pencil sketch, but we kept walking through the crowd (evidently there was some kind of footrace at the park that morning) and found Bethesda Terrace, which features several intriguing architectural elements, a view of the Lake and the boathouse where folks rent rowboats, and a beautiful fountain topped by an angel statue designed by Emma Stebbinsthe only statue that was part of Frederick Law Olmstead’s original design for the park. The lines on that statue were wonderful to study over the course of several hours, and the pedestal, which was evidently a collaboration between Jacob Wrey Mould and Olmstead’s partner, Calvert Vaux, was almost equally compelling.

I took an 11-x-14 Canson sketchbook, a 9-x-12 Bee Bogus sketch pad (featuring rough kraft paper), white and black charcoal pencils, about 80 sticks of Jack Richeson soft, round pastels, a few sheets of Wallis pastel paper, and some Ampersand pastel boards. A charcoal sketch with white highlights came first, occupying me for about 30 minutes, then I moved under a tree on a hill and pieced a composition together in pastel based on elements before me.

When I checked the Drawing Day thread at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday there were already some great drawings on there. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The three below caught our eye, but there were several other notable submissions.

Drawing by Pauk K

by Paul K



Earl drawing

by Earl, aka Lord Bishop

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7 thoughts on “Drawing Basics: Drawing Day Results

  1. Congrats Paul, Earl and Lucy!! I really enjoyed all of the drawings and am glad to see so many participating! Let’s do this again soon, and not wait for the “official drawing day”!

  2. I really enjoyed Drawing Day – great job and congrats to Paul, Earl and Lucy. I agree with Robin – perhaps we should have a “Drawing Day” once a month!

  3. Thanks everyone. All drawing were wonderful, and with so many different styles it was a lot of fun to look through. I learned a lot from participating — thanks to all who offered advice and posted.
    Drawing day once a month is a great idea. Count me in.