Drawing Basics: Draw Why You Love Your Home

rawing Day proved to be rather popular on this site, so we decided to have a similar type of day on a more frequent basis. The worldwide Drawing Day has passed, but let's celebrate drawing on July 4th with a theme with a pencil sketching extravaganza. Here's the theme: Draw why you love where you live.

That date is of course Independence Day, a holiday for Americans that reminds us what our country is about–and how it came about. But this themed drawing day is for anyone anywhere who loves where he or she lives. Draw something that represents why you love your house, your land, your state, your country, your world. Draw something that symbolizes your current roots.

Post it here, and share your drawings and your roots with the rest of us.

Below is a (flawed) underdrawing I did of the seminary where I live. Maybe I'll draw it again for July 4th's drawing day. It's such a beautiful building!

Bob Bahr drawing




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4 thoughts on “Drawing Basics: Draw Why You Love Your Home

  1. I find that is the case most of the time that I paint–the drawing or grisalle is usually better than the finished painting. I think I really just need to go back to drawing and doing paintings with black, white, and shades of gray until I really master that. Then tackle color….(those classical artists are onto something…..)