Drawing Basics: Colored Pencil Drawings of Natural Objects

In this online exclusive gallery, we offer more colored pencil drawings by spring 2008 featured artist Dee Overly.

Hiding by Dee Overly, colored pencil drawing

Dee Overly Rain Beads colored pencil drawing

Dee Overly Peaches colored pencil drawing

2006, colored pencil, 7 x 6. Collection Cathy Barry.
Rain Beads
2007, colored pencil, 8½ x 7.
Collection the artist.
2006, colored pencil, 6¾ x 8¾.
Collection the artist.

Overly Seasonal Compliments colored pencil drawing

Overly Shooters and Ducks colored pencil

Overly Slice of Life colored pencil drawing

Seasonal Compliments
2006, colored pencil, 10 x 11.
Collection the artist.
Shooters and Ducks
2006, colored pencil,14 x 14. Private collection.
Slice of Life
2006, colored pencil, 7 x 10. Collection David Volckhansen.

Overly Blazing Sky colored pencil drawing

Blazing Sky
2007, colored pencil, 18 x 22. Private collection.

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6 thoughts on “Drawing Basics: Colored Pencil Drawings of Natural Objects

    1. The frog is almost lost in the firstt piece. A norrower piece of wood or a cozier nook for the frog to be hiding.
    2. The water droplet is great in “Rain Beads” but a warm background and/or a darker backgroud would really make the raindrop pop.
    3. Shadows are ncie in “Peaches” but the peaches are dead center and the center of interest is confusing.
    4. “Seasonal compliments” is nicely done, but I would have like to see some edges or something more interesting happening in/on the green leaf.
    5.”Shooters and Ducks” is nice. Is that the bag they are falling out of in the top right corner? I also would like to see more reflected light coming through the marbles onto the table.
    6. Slice of Life” needs a better composition. The garlic is Floating.
    7. Blazing Sky is nicely done w/color, but no center of interest and not sure if it is a sky or s omething else. What is the blue shape?
    Over all, The pieces get a “Good”.
    Keep up the good work. Don’t stop creating art.

  2. I must say up front that I’m a big fan of Ms. Overly’s work. I check out her website fairly regularly. I’d make a few comments about the points above.
    1. I think the whole point of the piece is “Hiding.” I’d say it was her intention for the frog not to be standing out.
    3. What I like about her drawings of fruit is that it makes you want to reach out and pick it up. You can see the peach fuzz which I find fascinating (being a collector and not an artist myself). On her website she also has pieces with apples, pears and a lemon. The realism is amazing. I think that’s what she’s going for if you read her artist’s statement.
    6. Her garlic piece jumps out at you and, as a garlic lover, I think it says all it needs to. Guess I never thought of it as “floating.”
    7. I think the bird in the lower left center denotes it as a sky piece.
    I find her work to be maturing all the time. Her figurative pieces, as you can see on her website, are amazing.

  3. I have been fortunate enought to see Ms. Overly’s work in person and, quite simply, it’s AMAZING. Photographs of her work cannot and do not do it justice. Many of her pieces actually have a realistic, almost 3 dimentional feeling and the detail is unbelieveable. If you ever get the chance to see her work in person, don’t pass it up.