Art's Highest Achievement–Drawing the Portrait

drawing the portrait with anthony ryder

There are so many significant milestones that an artist can mark his or her career by, but the one that is most exciting for me is the possibility of drawing people and capturing their likeness, whether it is a certain gesture they have or just the interesting planes of a model's face.

But this is no easy task! Learning how to draw realistic people, not caricatures, isn't something that always comes easily. That's where Drawing the Portrait with Anthony Ryder comes in for me. This DVD set is just what I need to understand how to draw a portrait from life and capture a model's character through their facial expression and body position.

drawing the portrait with anthony ryder

Anthony Ryder is one of the finest art instructors around, in my opinion, and I find the way he teaches is the best way that I can learn–through a successive build-up of steps, from how to format the drawing to making subtle modifications throughout the drawing process. 

Ryder stresses drawing from life and teaches how continuous observation is key to any successful portrait. By the end of the DVD, it feels as if you are refining your drawing skills with each line.

See if Drawing the Portrait with Anthony Ryder does the same for you. Enjoy!

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