Last -Minute Varnishing

24 Feb 2009

Q: I just finished an oil portrait for a client, and I need to varnish it. I usually use gloss dammar spray for last-minute varnishes. I know I shouldn’t wait until the last minute, but what would you recommend under the circumstances?

There are many good archival-quality oil-paint varnishes on the market. Sennelier, for instance, makes a variety. One product, Turner Touch Up Varnish, is used to locally mask sinkage, brighten colors, and anchor fresh paint when restarting work on paint that has already dried. It is can also be used as a provisional varnish while you wait for the final varnish to be applied. The other Sennelier varnishes produce glossy, satin, or matte finishes, depending on which product you choose. They all are non-yellowing, easily reversible, and rapid-drying.

--by Camille LaPointe-Lyons

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