TAGS: Mixed Media + street art

  • Drawing with Thread, Paint, Paper & Pen

    Whiskey Creek (Spring)
    By Kate Harding, 2008,
    found leather garments, thread,
    grommets, and steel hooks, 54 x 35.
    One of the things I love about the artistic process is that we all share the need to put our creative energy into practice, we do it in so many different ways, and yet we usually have a lot of overlapping interests.

    The one that springs immediately to my mind is a focus on drawing. Across media—including oil painting, collage, watercolor, sculpture, pen-and-ink, charcoal, fabric, and mixed media—I've found that the artwork that really stands out and captures my attention has a solid foundation in drawing.

    Drawing and sketching are sometimes relegated to the equivalent of art in first gear, perhaps because drawing is what many of us learned first when we were growing up. But I see it a different way—drawing is an essential!