Tips and Techniques for Landscape Painting

6 Feb 2014

I was an impatient little girl. My favorite word was “now.” My favorite question was “Now?” And my favorite answer … you get the picture. But I’ve grown older and wiser (sort of!), and this maturity is mainly the result of realizing that instant gratification is a rarity in life. Most of the time we take baby steps, sometimes we backtrack, and we may even have to off-road completely to get what we want. But it’s the false starts and detours that can teach us valuable lessons.

Look Into the Sun by Joseph McGurl, oil painting.
Look Into the Sun by Joseph McGurl, oil painting.

Landscape painters knows a good bit about patience. They spend countless hours painting under the grueling sun, sometimes in the cold and wind, and almost always exposed to the elements waiting for the right moments to come along for their landscape painting art. Sometimes those moments are magic--you can take them back into the studio to pursue your art at home, in a different medium or scale than what you worked on in nature, producing easel paintings in oil, watercolor, pastel, and more.

Looking at it this way, waiting for those moments doesn't strike me as something to regret as wasted time but opportunities to hone our fine-art painting techniques and gained insight on how to paint the illusion of detail, light, and shadow in our artwork. But we still want to make the most of our precious time with our art, which is where 35% off eBooks in the North Light Shop comes in. Right now, you can get the art resources you are looking for at a great deal, including Chinese Landscape Painting and many more.

With time and effort, I've started to understand how to create a realistic sense of contrast for objects in my paintings, establish depth and focus in a landscape painting with a balance of warm and cool colors, and more. Attending painting workshops is great, but these eBooks give you painting lessons in your very own home. With them, you will be well on your way to mastering key landscape painting techniques. Let me know how it is coming along on your next stop off at Artist Daily! 

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In addition to the necessary tools and tricks to creating landscapes in watercolor, Lian Quan Zhen also shows you tips for working plein air, or outdoors and well as how to capture mood and emotion in your work. This watercolor painting book is great for artists of all skill levels and includes a brief history of Chinese painting!


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cardin wrote
on 1 Mar 2010 1:01 AM

Where does one gain access to the  free eBook, 8 Tips to Help You Paint Light and Shadow in an Oil Landscape Painting by Chris McHenry? I'm lost, please help me someone.

on 1 Mar 2010 7:39 AM

My first snafu! The link is now alive and well in the blog post. Sorry, Cardin! But it'll be worth the wait--Chris McHenry is a great resource for oil landscape painters. Enjoy and let me know if you have any problems.

on 9 Feb 2014 8:51 AM

Hi  I'm having trouble downloading the ebooks. Do you have a suggestion?  Also, my previous subscription information is not recognized.  What should I do?  Thanks  Ali

on 9 Feb 2014 8:53 AM

Also, I need a mentor.  How do artist's find someone to guide and critique their work?   I love the painting above..."Look into the Sun"  I