Keep the Artistic Fires Burning

18 Dec 2013

As we head into the end of the year and the heart of winter, it is nice to keep our inner artistic fires burning with visual inspiration and a wellspring of techniques to explore so that we make the most of a period of time that can otherwise just slip by. We can do that in a number of ways. First, perhaps by delving into still life painting, which can be a mainstay during the winter, with compositions full of flowers and color that let the outdoors in and keep us smiling. And what about working with new methods that might help you revitalize your art if you feel like you want to turn a new corner? We should also always keep our eye and hand coming back to life drawing and figure painting, both of which allow us to reap so much from an artistic standpoint, from anatomical understanding to gesture, perspective, and proportion. 

Water Lily and Frogs by Lian Quan Zhen, Chinese ink and color on mature Shuan paper, 26 x 18.
Water Lily and Frogs by Lian Quan Zhen, Chinese ink
and color on mature Shuan paper, 26 x 18.

It just so happens that the Winter issue of Inspired--the free and downloadable magazine--is here and covers all these and more. In the latest issue, you'll find:

Exotic Florals: Expand and complement your watercolor painting style with Eastern influences.

Pour Your Art Out: Discover how to create unique veiled effects in your acrylic paintings using a fun pouring technique.

Inspired by People: Age, gender, ethnicity and nationality know no bounds, as 18 contemporary artists share the universal allure of the human face and form in oil, watercolor, pastel and graphite.

With Inspired, I feel like I'll always be able to find a way back to my art or confidently set my sights on what I want to do next. 

Download your copy of the Winter 2013 issue of Inspired so you feel ready and able to do the same. Enjoy!



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