Who Needs Gift Wrap?

2 Dec 2013

With the Artists Network Holiday Sweepstakes in full swing, it really feels like this special time of year is for all of the painters, makers, drawers, and creators out there!

Annual Holiday Sweepstakes from Artists Network.
Today's giveaway is from Lucid-Art.
Today's giveaway is from Lucid-Art.
I can't think of a more worthwhile and fun way to ring in the New Year than with tons of great prizes from our favorite art supply makers and service providers!

Take a look at all the prizes on the Sweepstakes Homepage (today's prize is a Lucid-Art LUCY, which reveals the secrets of the Old Masters...or at least makes them a lot more accessible!) and enter for the chance to win the gift of art. There'll be no gift wrap involved, but I don't think you'll miss it!

Happy Holidays!


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