I Don't Need You Anymore

12 Feb 2013

In all the painting or drawing dabbling I've done, there is always a definitive moment that divides my experiences into "before" and "after." It's the moment I realize I don't have to worry about going back because every mistake is, in fact, a painting challenge that isn't dire or insurmountable. It just calls for a little creativity.

Rouen Cathedral: Setting Sun (Symphony in Grey and Pink) by Monet, 1892-1894, oil on canvas.
Rouen Cathedral: Setting Sun (Symphony in Grey and Pink)
by Monet, 1892-1894, oil on canvas.
Sometimes it takes more time than I would like for this moment to arrive. But with acrylic painting, this occasion came a lot sooner than I expected--which makes sense considering how user-friendly acrylics are.

I remember I was trying to re-create a Monet painting of the Rouen Cathedral. This was at a time when I didn't have access to an easel, so I was painting on the floor. I reached across my painting and got a smear of unmixed color where it didn't belong. Breath gone, hopes dashed, on the verge...of...hysteria. But wait! Don't panic. Before I gave into my instincts to rush and fix the problem, and no doubt actually make it worse, I stepped back and waited. And waited just a bit longer. Eventually, I got what I wanted--the surface dried and I just started that section all over again. I lost some time but not much else.

This situation provided a good reminder not to lose my head, but more than anything it gave me a lot of appreciation for the fast drying rate of acrylics. And, in fact, after I learned this lesson the hard way I began loosening up and not being so fearful, because I knew that if I made a mistake, I could always reapply pigment after the surface had dried.

By painting with acrylics I learned that I didn't need my uptight fearfulness anymore. But what I did want and need was to better understand how other acrylic-painting artists work--and I'm still learning this. Finding out the perspectives of practicing artists is so helpful because I know they've really put their paint through a workout. I want to gain from that knowledge! Right now Chris Cozen's new DVD, Top 10 Acrylic Painting Techniques, is what I've set my sights on. It gives a lot of coverage and discussion to the finer points of acrylic painting that I want to know more about. Enjoy!

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on 22 Feb 2013 5:33 AM

Courtney, i have only just joined the Artist Daily, and i need to tell you how very much i am enjoying what i find here. A Big Thankyou!