You Know You Are Lucky If...

5 Dec 2012

...You've got an artist in your life. Not to generalize, but as a whole I've found artists to be a fun, imaginative, and open group of people. That just must be the nature of the creative mind--you are always aware searching for different expressive possibilities and interested in new approaches and ideas that are off the beaten track.

That's why choosing gifts for the artists in our lives can be a lot of fun, but a little bit of a challenge too. There are so many resources out there, and choosing the right ones can make all the difference. But worry no longer! The North Light Shop Holiday Gift Guide is a great source to start with, as there are gifts for artists and practitioners in just about any medium and at any level of expertise. There are books, special issue publications, art kits and more that the artist in your life is sure to love. Check out the North Light Shop Holiday Gift Guide and Happy Holidays!



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