Holiday Sweepstakes--Nuff Said!

29 Nov 2012

Uh, I think I may have stumbled into an artist's dream! The Artist's Network Annual Holiday Sweepstakes is going on right now, offering awesome art prizes from the best painting and drawing product makers and service providers around. Rosemary & Co. brushes? Yes! Strathmore surfaces? Yes! And so many more! It's like a who's who of the top resources and materials that we love so much.

So here's the scoop: Check out the prizes below and mark your calendar for their corresponding days. Then all you have to do is go to the Sweepstakes homepage during that day and enter for the chance to win the prize. That's it! That's it? That's it! Plus you can try for as many prizes as you want--there's no limit.

There are prizes to be won until December 17, and on December 19 a Grand Prize Winner will be chosen. Good luck and happy holidays!!

November 23: 3 Handcrafted New Wave® Artist Palettes

3 Handcrafted New Wave® Artist Palettes: 2 Studio Palettes (Grand View ConfidantTM and Expressionist ConfidantTM) & 1 Plein Air Palette (HighlandTM). Available for right handed or left handed artists.

Value: $154.85

New Wave® brings an iconic tool to life that will assist in your advancement. Experience improved color gauging, enhanced mobility and strengthened focus, while painting in total comfort. The palette's unique patent pending 3 point design (hand, arm, torso) evenly distributes the palette weight, allowing you to paint with ease. In addition, the palettes are handcrafted by the Amish in Lancaster County, Pa., providing an unmatched level of quality.

-3 point design providing maximum balance and comfort
-Universal fit for all body types
-Handcrafted by the Amish in Lancaster County, Pa., USA
-Made with hard white maple
-Extremely lightweight
-Durable satin finish resistant to water and standard artist solvents and mediums
-Easily cleaned
-Crack and chip resistant
-Freezer safe

November 25: Richeson Classic Santa Fe II Easel

The Santa Fe II Easel by BEST is proudly made by Wisconsin craftsmen using American-grown red oak. Its marine style winch raises and lowers easily allowing works weighing up to 300lbs. The double-masted H-frame offers extra stability; front locking casters offer mobility. With a lifetime warranty, BEST Easels are a symbol of American Quality.

-Max. canvas height: 106"
-Base width/depth: 24" x 30"
-Compact easel height: 78"
-Extended easel height: 129"
-Shipping weight: 98 lbs.
-Box dimensions: 77" x 30" x 10"
-Ships partially assembled by truck

Entering to win this prize will also enter you for the $1,000 Gift Certificate Grand Prize from Blick Art Materials.


Luxurious 2 drawer soft pastel set with 15 full sticks and 30 half sticks of the leading soft pastel on the market. Perfect for travel, plein air or studio work with a rigid keepsake box.

Individual components have a retail value of $136, but this set is a special value at $100 suggested retail price. Crafted with pride in the Netherlands by the masters at Royal Talens. Make sure to sign up for our "talking colors" and "create your color" campaigns at Rembrandt.



A colorful road, 3 generations long, has led Da Vinci Artists' Colors to become a work of art of their own. Still prepared in small batches with trusted craftsmanship quality, Da Vinci Colors are consistently those that artists love to discover.

At Da Vinci, they go beyond merely dabbling with the world's finest raw materials. Mixing and milling colors that truly perform is in their DNA. The colors represent who they are and what they do. They immerse themselves in preparing perfect batches of color every day so you can have FULL freedom of artistic expression without compromise.
Win Da Vinci's Color Set and select your favorite medium; Oil, Acrylic or Watercolor.

November 29: Rosemary & Co. $250 Brush Set Giveaway

$250 worth of our beautiful handmade oil brushes consisting of ‘ The Masters Choice' our popular design for painting wet on wet thus not taking off the paint.

‘Ivory' a range for firm strokes with spring and precision together with ‘Classic' for the traditional strokes which leave a grainy mark and a few brush surprises for you to experiment with - This is a bounty pack to assist you with creating another masterpiece!!!

As the founder and CEO of Rosemary & Co I have been making brushes for over 30 years. As an oil artist (many moons ago) I understand what a painter demands from a brush in quality, shape & price. I work hard with my team to ensure all our handmade brushes meet the highest standard possible. - Rosemary


December 1: LED 300 Digital Art Projector

Hottest new product on the market! Imagine being able to project images from virtually any digital source onto any surface - the ultimate easy-to-use tool for designing, painting, drawing and simply being amazingly creative! Project grids onto your photos for easy, exact composition and design. MSRP - $749.99


-300 lumen maintenance-free LED lamps that last 30,000 hours
-1 280 x 800 (WXGA) resolution for sharp, detailed images
-Exclusive LAG Twin XD image processors for vivid true-to-life color
-Compatible with smart phones, tablets and pads for maximum image control and flexibility
-Full suite of innovative image and color controls including rotation and reversal
-Multiple inputs connect to virtually any digital source
-Compact design for easy transport

December 4: RayMar Belgian Linen Panels

The RayMar Portrait Panel is museum quality painting panel made with Claessens' finest weave #13 double oil primed Belgian linen exclusively for oil paint. It is the choice of professional artists for portrait and figure work.

Claessens' #13 linen is woven to exacting standards with 57.9 TPI warp and 58.4 TPI weft at 10.47 ounces per square yard. The priming consists of a double layer of synthetic glue, which is less sensitive to humidity than hide glue. It is sized with two layers of zinc white primer bound with linseed oil and one top coating of titanium white oil paint. With 4 layers of priming and a finish coat the result is museum quality linen without equal.

The linen is then mounted on 1/8 inch MDF with a pH neutral adhesive through RayMar's in-house process. The fabric is bound to the panel in a uniform way to ensure the consistent quality of every panel. The reverse side is finished with RayMar's exclusive melamine finish. This creates an acid-free archival support that resists warping and provides a permanent barrier against deterioration from moisture or mold.

Conservators strongly recommend painting on a rigid surface so start every painting with a RayMar Panel. Fine art belongs on RayMar.

Package includes a total of 9 panels. 3 panels of each size: 9" x 12", 11" x 14" and 12" x 16". Valued at $200.


December 5: $200 Gift Certificate from Art Gallery Frames

Art Gallery Frames is giving away a $200 Gift Certificate! One lucky winner will be able to choose from hundreds of beautiful frames from a company known for their superior quality and selection.

Art Gallery Frames features a wide variety of art frames including:

-Ready and Custom Made Frames
-Hard-to-find Ornate Baroque and Barbizon Frames
-Traditional and Contemporary Styles

December 6: Col-Art Liquitex Basket!

Get all of the Liquitex best sellers all in one basket! A wide range of acrylic paints, mediums and tools so you can let your creativity go wild!

Liquitex offers the widest spectrum of vibrant intense acrylic paints, acrylic mediums and art supplies that enable you to bring your creative vision to life. The possibilities to expand your creativity are endless with our innovative toolbox.

Liquitex Best of Basket Includes:

-6 Heavy Body 2oz Colors

-6 Soft Body 2oz Colors

-6 NEW Professional Spray Paints

-6 Mediums

-6 Acrylic Inks!

-6 Freestyle Palette Knives (3 large/ 3 small)

-7 Freestyle Brushes ( 3 large format / 4 classic)

-The Acrylic Book

-Color Charts

-1 Value Finder

-Technique Cards

-1 Liquitex Metal Notebook and Water bottle


December 13: Win an Assortment of Fine Art Surfaces

Strathmore has been supplying high-quality fine art surfaces to artist of all levels for over 120 year. One lucky winner will receive an assortment of fine art surfaces valued at $150!

Package includes:

Fine art pads for sketching, drawing, watercolor and mixed media.
Strathmore's latest new products - Toned Sketch Papers, Hardbound Art Journals and 500 Series Mixed Media Board

Essentials for artists of any level.

December 15: Win a Special Gift this Year of Luxurious Premium Oil Paints by Michael Harding

Win $200 of Michael Harding Oil Paints

Gift includes a fine assortment of buttery, rich pigment colour handmade oil paints.
A combination of series 1- 6 oil paints designed for the discerning artist. Pure luxury
for you, your brush and your canvas! find us at


December 17: Win a DUO Aqua Oil combo set!

Holbein Artist Materials is giving one lucky painter a Holbein DUO Aqua Oil combo set valued at $984.00! Included in this INCREDIBLE package of Holbein's water soluble oil color are:

-18 hand selected DUO Aqua Oil colors (40ml ea.)
-3 DUO Aqua Oil whites (50ml ea.)
-3 DUO Aqua Oil mediums (200ml ea.)
-5 Holbein Resable synthetic nylon DUO Aqua Oil brushes
-2 Holbein MX hand-forged stainless steel painting knives
-DUO Aqua Oil hand-painted chip chart and printed literature
-Samples sets of Holbein Artist Oil Color and Holbein's brand new Vernet Superior Artist Oil Color

December 19: GRAND PRIZE DRAWING - $1,000 Gift Certificate from Blick Art Materials

All giveaway entries up to this point will count toward the $1,000 Gift Certificate Grand Prize Drawing from Blick Art Materials.

Enter any of the 13 Holiday Sweepstakes giveaways above to qualify for the $1,000 Blick Art Materials Gift Certificate Grand Prize!


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