He Is Stealing My Heart

20 Nov 2012

I'm a water person. I love boating, swimming, scuba diving, and just looking at the ever-changing surface of nearby waterways. And I'm not alone. American artists--and those abroad--have been enamored with so many beautiful bodies of water over the centuries. But the watery artist who is stealing my heart right now is Jonas Lie.

Old Wharves, Camden, Maine by Jonas Lie, ca. 1925-40, oil painting.
Old Wharves, Camden, Maine by Jonas Lie, ca. 1925-40, oil painting.

Lie was born in Norway, but he spent a large part of his career painting the coastal areas of New England. When I started searching for his art online, I was blown away with what I found. In every seascape of Lie's that I look at, I feel transported. He made the light reflecting on the water look so real. But it was the way he crafted the light in the atmosphere, as it bounced off the water or filtered down from the rays of the sun or the moon, that really astonishes me.

The art techniques Lie employed are not overly complicated. He used color and texture to do what he did. It's so simple, I tell myself. But looking at a painting like Old Wharves, Camden, Maine, with its blues and whites and greens and yellows, tells me I have so much to learn about creating atmospheric effects in painting.

From the Rockport Shore, Maine by Jonas Lie, ca. 1926-27, oil painting.
From the Rockport Shore, Maine by Jonas Lie, ca. 1926-27, oil painting.

I already know it will take a good deal of persevering, because I've never done a seascape painting before. But with Lie as my guide, at least I know I am fired up and inspired enough to try. One of my upcoming goals is to get out on the water and start sketching. But before I do, I'm going to delve into the essentials of plein air painting and work on my watercolor skills with a few of the resources I've had my eye on at the Artist Daily Shop. I'm going to download a few workshops because learning art techniques online this way is convenient for me--I can do it on my own time and that's a perk I really like. Plus we get an extra 15% off now through Sunday when we enter EXTRA15 at checkout. Sweetness!

So see what will help you in your next painting project at the Artist Daily Shop! And if you glean any ideas or tips from looking at Jonas Lie's work that could help me out, leave a comment and let me know. You know I can use the help!

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on 21 Nov 2012 12:48 AM

That bottom one is a real beauty.

Jmullenger wrote
on 21 Nov 2012 1:37 PM

Wow - looked him up online...awesome work from someone I'd never heard of until your post! Thanks, he's one of my new favs...

ChristisLife wrote
on 21 Nov 2012 5:14 PM

This whole painting just blows me away, but the impressive part to me, besides the light, is his mastery of perception, scale, distance...the boats so small, the trees and bank so high.

An absolute joy to view, a gift to the soul!!!

Melody Nydam

on 24 Nov 2012 10:58 AM

Peaceful seascapes, nice use of color.