The Most Important Question Is WHERE!

15 Nov 2012

I spend most of my time, as you well know, glued to my chair and on my computer on Artist Daily or searching artist websites and every art blog and art forum I can find. But that is when I am researching. But when it comes to developing my own artistic practice and learning as a student, I know that learning in person can really help.

A painting from a student of the Academy of Art University.
A painting from a student of the Academy of Art University.
I've given thought to joining an art program or going back to school, and the choices are vast and exciting. But most of all, many of the drawing and painting programs out there can accommodate us wherever we are on our artistic trajectory.

If you are a full-time worker like I am, you may not be ready to really give it all up and go back to school. But workshops or part-time art programs are definitely an option. And if you are in a position to be able to devote yourself to your art, I say don't hesitate! Life is too short and art means so much to us that it should get top billing in our lives.

We've just created and posted a free guide to help: Where to Study Art. The title says it all. It's a directory of art education programs from all over the country for artists at all levels of experience. Using this as your roadmap, you can reach out to the programs you feel drawn to, set up visits or talk to attendees and take the next step for your art. Download Where to Study Art now!


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MaryF@78 wrote
on 26 Nov 2012 12:33 PM

There is a whole world of art available to newbies and experienced artists alike on youtube both for free and for nominal fees.  I ran into one about a year ago which was a two hour, free, watercolor class and upon exploration, found that it offered 4 such lessons (2 hrs) and then 4 oil lessons, also free. After that, once one is hopelessly hooked, you can sign up for so much more for a nominal fee of 9.00/class of which two are offered weekly.  It's done via webcast and there's a chat box for those attending that the instructors interact with during the entire class.  I went from drawing stick figures at best to executing some fairly complex paintings with zero experience.  I don't think it's proper to plug for another site on a blog like this but what I can say is for folks interested, just search on youtube for "watercolor" or "oil" or "painting" classes and you'd be shocked at what comes up.  I am not affiliated with any of them except as a student learning in whatever milieu I can find but I thought I'd share this info re free classes given the horrifiic economy everyone is facing.  I love this site as well and have learned a lot here as well.  Thank you for your generosity.