American Kids Growin’ Up In the Heartland

27 Sep 2012

I love that John Cougar Mellencamp song! Mostly because it reminds me of being young, and that life is full of possibilities and change. It's also a great reminder that the "small" stories of our everyday lives are the ones that matter most!

Roanoke by Mary Whyte, watercolor on paper, 2007.
Roanoke by Mary Whyte, watercolor on paper, 2007.
Mary Whyte extols these same ideas in her watercolor art, especially in her latest series Working South. These beautiful watercolor paintings show people of humble means--like mill workers, fishermen, farmers, and even a shoeshine man--going about their daily work. They are surrounded by the objects of their trade or painted on site at their places of work. Looking at any one of the Working South paintings, I get a sense of human connection to a real person--with a history, hopes, dreams, stresses, and pains--not just an anonymous figure the watercolor artist chose to portray.  

Obediah by Mary Whyte, watercolor painting.
Obediah by Mary Whyte, watercolor painting.
And my "art" eye is engaged with the works as well. As we all know, Whyte is practically a virtuoso when it comes to watercolor painting. She is adept with color and composition alike, and has so many tricks when it comes to patterning, texture, and transparency. Her paintings are like watercolor lessons in themselves.

Mary Whyte's DVD, Watercolor Portraits of the South is, in a way, a continuation of the Working South series. It is one-part excellent instruction in which Whyte shows you how she goes from inspiration to sketchbook to finished painting. It is also one-part up-close documentary on the artist as she works with models, visits friends, and shares her expertise in her own hometown and studio. Plus there are exclusive interviews with one of the artist's collectors, a framer, and a museum curator. Enjoy!



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