Here Comes a Video Series on Portrait Painting

21 Mar 2012

Portrait artist and painter David McLeod is amidst an exciting project: creating a 10-part video series on portraiture. McLeod takes viewers through the steps that all portrait artists go through to create a compelling, visually appealing portrait, but discusses his unique approach to the process as well.

Olivia by David Bruce McLeod, oil on linen, 36 x 30.
Olivia by David Bruce McLeod, oil on linen, 36 x 30.
Starting with his "behind the scenes" portrait painting setup and how he places the figure on the canvas, McLeod then builds momentum through the bulk of the composition--taking you sequentially through the painting of the face, hands, and more.

What will likely keep your eyes glued to the screen is McLeod's portrait art style, which is painterly and realistic at the same time. You'll find him discussing the exciting characteristics of the medium as well as how he strengthens the narrative language in his oil painting portraits.

The videos are accessible, engaging, and quite instructive. Enjoy!

Here are the links to McLeod's first five portrait painting videos:

Part 1: Set up, placing the figure, and blocking in the head

Part 2: Blocking in the canvas

Part 3: Refining the face

Part 4: Blocking in the hands

Part 5: Refining the face

P.S. Stay tuned for the second half of McLeod's portraiture video series. It's coming soon!




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gracy66 wrote
on 22 Mar 2012 11:44 AM

i watched them...what an incredible artist!!!

Maxine James wrote
on 24 Mar 2012 10:49 PM

The best I have seen on my computer.

mcleod_art wrote
on 25 Mar 2012 2:15 PM

thanks! is there anything in particular that you found helpful?