I Can’t Believe I’m About to Say This, But…

25 Dec 2014

 (Gaberndorf II by Lyonel Feininger, oil on canvas, 1924, 39 x 30.5).
I plan on spending quality time with the catalog
published by the Whitney Museum on Lyonel Feininger
(Gaberndorf II, oil on canvas, 1924, 39 x 30.5).
Take this time and don't draw or paint. Okay, I was kind of thinking the world would end if I said it, but the apocalypse has not yet arrived, so let me explain. Right now, I'm tired. I've just traveled to get to my family's home and we had all of these activities and events to do that were fun, but after all of it I'm a little worn out.

So instead of pushing myself to do an oil painting or sketch, I'm going to try a few different tactics to rejuvenate my artistic outlook for the new year, and I'm actually going to start by going to museums, galleries, open studios, art shops, and workshops—just as an observer.

I have several art catalogs sitting on my desk waiting for me to spend some quality time with them, and that isn't something I can do when I have a lot of other pressing commitments, so this seems like a perfect opportunity to do a little skimming and page flipping.

I also plan to visit the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art over the holidays.
I'm plan to visit the Virginia Museum of
Contemporary Art over the holidays.
I want to do a few hours of brain dumping as well. I'm going to find a place to just sit, think, and write—about art that I'm seeing, art that I would love to make, and where I think contemporary art is heading.

I'm also going to do some post-holiday shopping...for me! There a few items that I would like to get myself now that the time of gift giving is over. And I'm starting with the $10 art video downloads so I can take advantage of the next few days to rejuvenate and learn a new art technique. Enjoy—I know I will!


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