Make the Sun, Sand, and Sea Your Studio!

20 Oct 2011

This December, Signilar—the maker of top notch art instruction videos—is hosting a painting workshop led by portrait artist Judith Carducci in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. To gush just a lil' bit, this seems like an amazing opportunity! You get to experience painting in a beautiful natural environment, interact with other art-minded individuals like ourselves, and still receive great landscape painting instruction and tips on outdoor painting in a workshop setting.

I think the camaraderie that will be fostered in this group over the course of the week of painting is going to really leave its mark on the attendants. How can you not be inspired and share really pivotal moments in such a beautiful place? And art lessons in such an environment?! It is sure to be a really great time and possibly lead to an artistic breakthrough. 

There is going to be a really great group of painters and artists there, and you may want to be part of it. 

Check out the details of the workshop and enjoy!

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on 23 Nov 2011 7:33 PM

muy buen trabajo, pintura excelnte