A Fine Art, In-Depth Look at Color

14 Jul 2011

Laura demonstrates a lot of smart fine-art color methods using a fiber-arts approach.
I love color but I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes when talk circles around to the color wheel. Snore! We all know the deal with the color wheel. No need to rehash, right? Right.

And yet, here I am having to eat crow because Laura Bryant's DVDs and workshop videos put a new spin on color for me and made a lot of things click.

Laura is a deep-down colorist who specializes in hand-dying fiber and yarn, but her knowledge comes from a fine arts perspective. In A Fiber Artist's Guide to Color and A Knitter's Guide to Color, Laura shows how color effects really play out—how colors behave and how our eyes perceive them.

Laura is basically teaching peeps to train their artistic talents in the realm of color, and I'm totally on-board. She demonstrates all her methods using ColorAid paper—reference cards that are really great to use when you want to play around with color combinations before you pull out the paints.

I picked up a trick from her that fashion designers and knitters actually use having to do with sorting color, plus a few clever techniques on recognizing color relationships. So yes, I have to admit (wince) that in Laura's hands there is more to learn about the color wheel, but being wrong (double wince) never felt so good. Enjoy!




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KatPaints wrote
on 14 Jul 2011 4:10 PM

Yes, there are lots of ways that designers use color that could benefit fine art painters. Everything from color chips, to trend palettes, to mood/trend/concept boards. I find that my design experience has a positive influence on the way I approach painting/art in many ways.

Several online sites like pinterest have fairly recently jumped into the designer approach. On these sites, designers and hobbyists alike essentially do a part of what I do for a living, just for the fun of it. I love it. It's exciting to see.