Must-Have Videos: Photoshop Lessons for Artists and the Basics of Color

26 May 2011

Art is a matter of infinite variation and the knowledge of a few tried-and-true essentials. As instructors, Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon bridge these two in their video art tutorials by focusing on sound technical practice in the larger context of what  contemporary artist face working today--and the tools that are at our disposal in order to meet those challenges.

The Basics of Color is Burdick's latest downloadable video in which he
completes two studio paintings in oil and delves into the fundamentals
of color and the intricacies of color theory. The artist thoroughly
explains his methods to oil painting and illustrates his points throughout
the 90-minute session, so that students are aware of the philosophy
behind the process and get a front row seat to see how Burdick uses
and manipulates color.
In Lyon's Photoshop Lessons for Artists, viewers can see how the artist
adjusts photographs and images of paintings with the tools available in
Photoshop. This includes instruction on the practical matters of sizing
and compressing images, calibrating a printer to your computer monitor,
and printing images. Lyon then discusses to color adjustments,
manipulating brightness, contrast, value, and color, and how best to use
reference photos in the studio.

For more information visit the artists' website or their online store. Enjoy!

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