Make Drawing a Part of the Art Journaling Process

12 May 2011
An Ink Drawing from an artist's journal

An ink drawing from an artist's journal.

Art journals are a hot trend right now for mixed media artists, and one that I'm especially attuned to. I love art journals. They are akin to sketchbooks, but usually have a lot more finish to them--as if each page is an artwork in and of itself. I was looking around today at our sister-site, Cloth Paper Scissors, where artists and crafters gather to share their latest projects and insights on really cool materials or fun techniques, and found this informative blog about using drawing in your art journal.

We here at Artist Daily know that drawing is a crucial part of the artistic process, but it can still be a little intimidating. This article gave me great insights to how drawing can be casual, loose, and relaxed. It can also be incorporated into an artist's practice in a lot of different ways. Enjoy!

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