Fiber--Good for You & Your Art!

26 Apr 2011

Gateway Drugs (detail) by Erin Riley.
I'm always interested in seeing how artists use unusual materials to express themselves, which is why I always flip through my copy of our sister publication, Fiberarts Magazine, as soon as it hits my desk. Just now I came across a few amazing works of art and I was blown away that they all were made from woven materials, cloth, or fiber.

Brian Dettmer collaged pages from vintage
encyclopedias for this work. 
Erin Riley creates handwoven tapestries, but pairs this historic art form with edgy, contemporary subjects, including sunbathers and teenage smokers. Maximo Gonzalez weaves his artworks using old, out-of-circulation currency from Mexico. And then there's a bunch of artists working from the idea of the art of "twist." I've never seen anything like it.

If you want to find out more, check out the Spring 2011 of Fiberarts Magazine.

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