I'm a Mixed Media Artist at Heart

10 Sep 2014

Andrienne Shishko artwork
An artwork by Andrienne Shishko that has been stuck in my head
from my last visit to Cloth Paper Scissors.

To me, one of something is never enough. And that goes especially for my artistic interests. I love painting and drawing as you well know, but I also love collage and assemblage...and encaustic and book making and printmaking.

More than anything, I'm excited to bring these process together--practicing art across disciplines and media. That's why I really enjoy our sister site, Cloth Paper Scissors. It is a hub for mixed media artists and crafters who employ a lot of really great techniques, and put art together in unusual ways.

Here's what caught my eye on my last visit:

-tips and ideas for making image transfers

-how to give art away secretly

-inspiring work by artists like Andrienne Shishko

-a free eBook on mixed media art techniques

Every artist has to discover what works for him or her based on technique and media, subject matter and method, and at what level all of these converge. For me, a blend of fine art and mixed media practice can makes for incredible works. What about you?



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