Artist Daily's Newest: All Media Photo Challenge

26 Oct 2010

This is the time of year when I like to take on something new. Summer is over and I want a fun goal on my horizon. Last year I trained with one of my best friends for a half-marathon. This year, it is the Artist Daily All Media Photo Challenge. We just posted the first challenge yesterday, and the premise is simple. Every two or three weeks, a new photo will be put up, and those of us who are interested in participating are all going to use it as a jumping off point, no matter our medium or level of ability. We'll share what we come up with, and learn from each others' process. It is a fun, easy, rewarding way to practice our art among this supportive, inspiring community.

Holly—her user name is Holland2—is our community member who brought the Challenge to my attention and made it happen! She's started us off by posting our first photo inspiration. Thanks to Holly!

If you have questions (or have a photo that you'd like to see us use in an upcoming challenge—I have a few that I'm getting ready to submit!) let Holly or me know!




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mikemartin wrote
on 31 Oct 2010 6:03 PM


This is a wonderful idea and I'm looking forward to seeing the entries!