Respect for Your Fellow Artists in the Forums

20 Oct 2010

The forums at Artist Daily are meant to be a place for a respectful community of artists to come together. All members need to bring that mindset when coming to Artist Daily. That being said, this is a public forum, and we all need to stay aware of how we interact and the information we share.
It would be good for all of us to look at our privacy settings and make sure of the information we are willing to share online. Also, please think before you write. Forums can get off track because people miscommunicate and sometimes misinterpret. The forums are a place to exchange ideas in a mutually respectful way. They break down when we forget that. So please maintain the friendly, respectful manner that we all should strive to have when dealing with each other. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.


Artist Daily, editor

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on 28 Oct 2010 8:46 AM

Not at all, Paul. I think your candor is great, and the experience you bring about copyright is really informative. If my letter has raised the community's awareness about tone and mutual respect on the forums--that's all I ask for. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in replying and thanks for participating!