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23 Sep 2010

Artist and instructor Marcia Burtt painting a beach scene
at Weekend With the Masters.
I can honestly say I've never been to an event like American Artist's Weekend With the Masters workshop and conference, which is currently underway in Southern California. Being around so many art-minded individuals engaged in their art making--it is a natural high for me! There is also something affirming about being able to meet and talk with artists whom I've only known through their work. It allows me--as a student, appreciator, and editor--to bridge the gap between artwork that I am drawn to and the hands that make it.

And I'm not alone. When I was on Laguna Main Beach, I met an older woman from the Midwest who told me that for her, attending Weekend With the Masters was "an opportunity of a lifetime." A young student I met at Laguna College of Art and Design told me, "I'm going to be there all weekend!" From across the country, from art schools and home studios, of differing ages and backgrounds, the attendees at Weekend With the Masters really opened my eyes to how a lifelong passion for art links us together.

Ron Hicks painting a portrait during his DVD
shoot at Laguna College of Art and Design.
The highlight for me thus far has been shooting our newest round of instructional DVDs with a talented group of artists, including Marcia Burtt, Ron Hicks, and C. W. Mundy. Each of these artists has not only a great personality but also a strong point of view about making art. It was incredibly fulfilling to capture their approach and philosophy on video while seeing a painting come to life right in front of me.

When I mention our DVDs to students, they are really enthused. I think it's because they understand that working side by side a live instructor in is an exceptional occasion, but being able to have and keep a little piece of that same mentoring in the form of a DVD is equally useful. That's the reason Artist Daily and American Artist are committed to providing incredibly constructive resources like Mastering Portrait Drawing with Susan Lyon and Mastering Plein Air Painting with Frank Serrano. This kind of engaging instruction that comes directly from the artist can help you make gainful strides in your work and allows each of us to develop our own styles and artistic values after learning from seasoned artists who we respect and admire.


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