Paint for Peace

11 Aug 2010

La Danse (I) by Henri Matisse,
1909, oil on canvas,102.4 x 153.9 in.
I've always believed that art speaks most profoundly when it actually has something to say. Communicating with a viewer is a powerful opportunity, and The Peace Project engages artists to do that very thing—submit artworks for an exhibition organized around each individual artist's vision of peace.

Peace is a word that can pull us in a lot of different directions, from inner quietude and calm to laying down arms to an end to violence and war. If this idea has ignited thought-provoking ideas for you, think about taking it one step further and expressing those reactions and responses in your artwork.

The Peace Project is taking submissions until August 29. For more information, visit their website to see how to submit your work, what the awards are for winning submissions, and where the selected works will be exhibited.




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